Trainee teachers often place high expectations on themselves, this alongside heavy workloads and the pressure of securing a job, trainees can find their well-being suffering because of what can seem like an impossible goal. As numbers of trainee teachers have reduced significantly in recent years it’s more important than ever that schools develop ever more supportive approaches to help these vital budding teachers of tomorrow, empowering them to flourish and succeed in their goals.  

How can ONVU Learning help trainee teachers?  

ONVU Learning provides a unique 360-degree view of the whole classroom, allowing teachers to record their lessons, save clips and focus on moments that matter. By doing this, trainee teachers can reflect and analyse their developing teaching skills in their real classrooms, helping them improve and ultimately lead to better learning outcomes for students. Which all sounds great! But what does it mean to our aspiring teachers?  

Trainee teacher feedback and self-reflection  

Trainee teachers need regular feedback to help with progression and to build confidence quickly. A well supported teacher will always progress quicker and feel happier in their learning. ONVU Learning can help keep this feedback focused, succinct and tailored to the individual needs of the trainee. By recording lessons mentors can see trainees’ practice in the most natural way by removing the potential pitfalls of the observer effect when another member of staff is placed in the classroom to observe.

Ruth Acton, Assistant Principal Learner Devt & Safeguarding Lead of Aston University Engineering Academy describes the value of ONVU Learning in removing the 'observer effect'.

The use of the moments feature means mentors can pinpoint exact situations to support their feedback and help the trainee understand the need for next steps. This ability to share reflections with mentors helps to build the relationship between mentor and trainee and create higher levels of trust and feelings of support. By watching their practice on recordings trainees can also start to pinpoint areas of success or improvements for themselves giving them greater confidence in their abilities and to see their progress develop over time. Building great habits within their training programmes is a great way to secure long-lasting impact! 

Low stakes confidence building for trainee teachers  

Practice makes perfect! Trainee teachers need to be able to put into action the steps they have been given to improve. This can often be scary if the first time a trainee gets to test out their feedback is in front of a class of 30+ expectant faces. ONVU Learning gives trainees the opportunity to practice their new skills in a low-stakes environment. Trainee teachers can rehearse their lessons incorporating any feedback in their own time with the added benefit of being able to record and rewatch. By being able to view themselves they can reflect and analyse their performance alone and by securely sharing clips with mentors for feedback they can gain the confidence they need before stepping into a high-stakes real life environment.  

ONVU Learning can really improve the wellbeing and progression of trainee teachers, allowing them to see their progress, understand and analyse feedback with the use of real footage of their practice. The ability to reflect on successes and areas of improvement with mentors helps build trusting and impactful teaching relationships, which will lead to happy and more confident trainee teachers.  

Any school wanting to invest in its culture of learning and teaching to the benefit of all, should consider ONVU Learning.” Damien Kearns, Nishkam High School (EdTech Impact)  


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