Remote international teacher coaching by video – the cutting edge of EdTech school partnerships!  

Imagine you’re the head of one of India’s leading schools. You want to develop your teachers and make them the best in the country. You could send them on courses within the country, or to overseas universities, but this is expensive, time-consuming and will probably only have a short-term impact.  

Or you could do what Matthew Raggett, Headmaster of The Doon School did. He asked for two volunteers, placed discreet 360-degree cameras in the roof of two classrooms and linked the teachers up with Dr Sean Warren, ONVU Learning’s highly experienced Teacher Development Lead in Herefordshire, UK.  

Over a period of several weeks, Dr Warren was able to discuss detailed aspects of lessons with the teachers and bring about real improvement in focus, behaviour and learning. The teachers were energised and engaged by the process and are also now trained to use the video systems to continually reflect and further improve their own and their colleagues’ teaching.  

Video-based coaching is widely used in areas such as sport, but improvements in technology mean it is now easier to capture whole classrooms, share coverage widely and access the right external or internal coach. 

The Doon School chose to work with ONVU Learning as an international leader in both educational technology and educational coaching. We’ve also been able to link The Doon School with other schools we work with, and will shortly begin international school to school lesson-sharing using Lessonvu – again, in the pursuit of improving teaching and learning!  

For ONVU Learning, this partnership has been fundamental in opening the doors to the opportunity of working with an international institution miles apart from our coaching team. This has been crucial in helping us improve our teacher coaching and training solution, gaining invaluable knowledge along the way, which we are very excited to be share with and help future partners.  

You can find out a lot more about our work with The Doon School including case studies of individual teachers and a video interview with Matthew Raggett, the Headmaster. Please keep an eye on this page as we will be adding more content to cover the journey of the partnership between ONVU Learning and India’s most preeminent boys’ school.
We’ll leave the last words to our partners from The Doon School… 
 “I think teachers as a group of people have historically received very little feedback and evidence-based feedback is really tough for them to get hold of… There are so many wise teachers around the world who could be put in touch with teachers through systems like Lessonvu. I that’s probably a future of lesson observation.” 
 Mr Matthew Raggett, Headmaster, The Doon School

When I saw the 360-degree view of the Lessonvu video for the first time, I went ‘wow’ actually I can simultaneously see all the … views and see the impact of my lesson on each type of students in my classroom. This was amazing!” 

 Mr Gyaneshwaran Gomathinayagam, Physics Teacher, The Doon School
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